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The puzzle category is a unique Super Metroid category that requires the player to reach a particular goal within the game, according to certain rules and restrictions along the way.

A puzzle is conceived and proven by a single player. From there, that puzzle is introduced in a race on SpeedRunsLive, where the competitors will not be able to view the details of the puzzle until the race starts. The author of the puzzle is typically the host of the race, unless the author asks someone else to host on their behalf.

Puzzles tend to be challenging since it will require the player to perform a task they have never done before. It is not uncommon for puzzles to require the use of glitches not used in other runs. Because of this, many puzzles are not recommended for beginner players, or even intermediate players, since the scope of knowledge required normally goes beyond what a newer speedrunner to Super Metroid would know. Even a more advanced runner may not be able to complete a puzzle if the breadth of their knowledge about the game is weak.

Puzzles generally allow for any glitch in the game to be utilized unless the rules of the puzzle specifically state otherwise. Keep in mind that these puzzles are (usually) designed based on NTSC and that some things that are possible in PAL (and not NTSC) may change the solution to the puzzle. Because of this, the use of NTSC is recommended but not required.

The links underneath the "Date Released" column are the original SRL races of the respective puzzle. If a puzzle's description does not contain a link, then it means either everyone attempting the puzzle was not able to complete it and forfeited, or the link to its race could not be located otherwise.

Occasionally there have been other challenges that were either not considered to be a puzzle or were never raced on SRL. These challenges/puzzles are listed with the other puzzle races but are not a part of the currently numbered Super Metroid puzzle races.

How to Make a Puzzle

If you'd like to make your own puzzle, you may. Anyone is allowed to make a puzzle, all you need is a unique idea and an image for you puzzle. Over the years, people making puzzles have had some trouble with some words. Some would interpret the words one way and others another. So to combat this issue, here is a dictionary for terms and what they mean for the purpose of Super Metroid puzzles (after #49).


Number Name Host Difficulty Date Released & Link Notes
1 Super Metroid Puzzle #1 Dessyreqt Easy 10/2/2011
2 Super Metroid Puzzle #2 Vorpal Easy 10/24/2011
3 Super Metroid Puzzle #3 Cardweaver Medium 11/6/2011
4 Super Metroid Puzzle #4 Cardweaver Medium 11/7/2011
5 Super Metroid Puzzle #5 Dessyreqt Medium 11/13/2011
6 Super Metroid Puzzle #6 Vorpal Easy 12/31/2011
7 Super Metroid Puzzle #7 Viett Medium 1/13/2012
8 Super Metroid Puzzle #8 Mego Medium 1/20/2012
9 Super Metroid Eco-Puzzle Testrunner Easy 1/31/2012? Date Unknown, put there for sortability
10 Super Metroid Puzzle #10 Dessyreqt Medium 2/11/2012
11 Super Metroid Puzzle #11 Dessyreqt Hard 3/8/2012
12 Super Metroid Puzzle #12 Lenophis Medium 3/10/2012
13 Poketroid Challenge Vorpal Hard 4/16/2012 Clarification for this Puzzle
14 Super Metroid Puzzle #14 Dessyreqt Medium 6/18/2012
15 Super Metroid Puzzle #15 Frozencup Easy 7/25/2012
16 Super Metroid Puzzle #16 Testrunner Medium 9/1/2012 Clarification for this Puzzle
17 Super Metroid Puzzle #17 Dessyreqt Hard 9/8/2012
18 RMBO doicm Medium 9/15/2012
19 Super Metroid Puzzle #19 Frozencup Hard 10/20/2012
20 Super Metroid Puzzle #20 Dessyreqt Hard 4/6/2013
21 Labyrinth of the Tropical Terror Kronicsauce Hard 1/16/2014
22 Crystal Flash Scavenger Hunt Kronicsauce Medium 1/21/2014
23 Extinction Kronicsauce Hard 1/26/2014
24 Super Metroid Puzzle #24 Lioran Easy 1/31/2014
25 Survival of the Daring Kronicsauce Easy 2/9/2014
26 Hopper Hijinks Kronicsauce Medium 2/22/2014 Clarification for this Puzzle
27 Toll Booths Zephyrz Easy 3/2/2014
28 The Eternal Shinespark Straevaras Medium 3/4/2014
29 Aquaduct Refraction Straevaras Hard 3/29/2014
30 Parenting 101 Iora Easy 5/5/2014
31 Innate Abilities Straevaras Hard 5/11/2014
32 Stand Up DansSRL Easy 5/18/2014 Clarification for this Puzzle
33 X-Terminate Dessyreqt Hard 5/25/2014
34 Battle Scars Foosda Medium 7/20/2014 Clarification for this Puzzle
35 Leggo My Kago Foosda Easy 7/27/2014
36 Dream State Foosda Medium 8/3/2014
37 Seeing 20/20 Foosda Easy 8/10/2014
38 Brain Blast!!! WildAnaconda69 Hard 10/19/2014
39 Tactical Decisions Foosda Medium 11/9/2014 Commentary Clarification for this Puzzle
40 Etecant Handle This Walljump Business Schmeman Medium 12/7/2014 Commentary
41 Faulty Equipment Leodox & Mikara Hard 12/21/2014 Commentary
42 Endangered Skreecies Kronicsauce Medium 1/24/2015
43 Elevation Virus Sweetnumb Medium 2/15/2015
44a Keeping Things In Order Mikara Hard 9/3/2015
44b Overcharge Backfire Foosda Medium 9/13/2015 A miscommunication led to there being two "44"s.
45 New Locks Foosda Easy 9/20/2015
46 Crippling Aid matrick Medium 9/27/2015 Commentary: [Part 1] [Part 2]
47 Tread Lightly Total Medium 10/11/2015
48 Dun-dun-DUH-nuh! Schmeman Medium 11/8/2015 Image #2 (after finishing puzzle) SRL Race Video
49 The Queen of the High Teas Schmeman Medium 12/27/2015
50 An Overdue Reward matrick Hard 1/17/2016 Clarification for this Puzzle
51 To Far Away Times Schmeman Easy 3/12/2016
52 Samus the Exhibitionist Mikara Hard 3/23/2016
53 Space Sickness Kojakt Medium 5/21/2016
54 Whoops... Leodox Easy 6/26/2016
55 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle matrick Medium 7/3/2016 The flag is for US Independence Day.
56 Superiority Complex matrick & Hcfwesker Medium 9/25/2016 Commentary
57 Super Metroid Prime WhiteMageBecky & Ponk Medium 10/4/2016 Commentary
58 Credit Conundrum crossproduct Medium 10/26/2016 Commentary Tracker
59 Super Leakage crossproduct Medium 11/8/2016 Commentary Strictness regarding accidental Super usage is up to the discretion of runners and race moderators.
60 Auxiliary Power Kanzeon Easy 12/2/2016 Given the "matrick seal of approval"
61 Reset... Kojakt Easy 4/30/2017
62 Samus Aran: Bouncy Hunter crossproduct Easy 8/15/2017 Commentary (You may still CF. Just remorph after.)
63 HISHE Foosda Hard 9/3/2017 Commentary
64 Overcoming the WRITG matrick Medium 9/18/2017
65 The Call of Ae-Sou Ponk Hard 9/27/2017 Commentary
66 The Ultimate Treasure BluePlasmaSpark Medium 10/8/2017
67 Samus Aran: Killing Instinct Ponk Easy 02/12/2017 Commentary
68 Super Metroid Afterburn Ponk Medium 4/28/2018 Was hosted on twitch.tv/supermetroidevents with commentary. Highlight not saved
69 Super Metroid Puzzle #69 sloaters27 & Ponk Medium 11/3/2018 Commentary
70 Babbysitter crossproduct Easy 5/15/2019 Commentary
71 Story of Your Life Schmeman Easy 9/2/2019 Commentary
72 Shaktool's Loot Cache crossproduct Hard 11/3/2019 Commentary
73 I Have No Tongue, and I Must Scream Chabo Medium 12/28/2019
74 A Draygon special crossproduct Hard 02/09/2020 Commentary
Race Event Halloween Race Dessyreqt Medium 10/30/2012
Race Event April Fools Race matrick Bullshit 4/1/2016 Clarification for this Puzzle
Race Event Christmas Puzzle Race Ponk Easy 12/23/2017 Commentary
Race Event Christmas Puzzle Race II Ponk Easy 12/22/2018
Race Event Christmas Puzzle 3: Revenge of the Kraid Ponk Easy 12/22/2019
Challenge The Kona Challenge KonaChocolate & Foosda Hard 1/18/2015 Commentary
N/A Crystal of Flames Lioran Medium 6/9/2013 Previously unreleased
N/A Deity of Power Lioran Medium 6/10/2013 Previously unreleased
N/A Siren of a New Age Lioran Medium 6/10/2013 Previously unreleased
N/A Lockout Puzzle Challenge person701 Easy 7/11/2015 Metroid Construction Community
N/A Gameplay Demos: Take 2! cardweaver Easy 5/6/2016 Previously unreleased. Here is a numbered version to make things easier if you so desire.
N/A Really Innate Abilities foosda & matrick Insanity 10/26/2016 This is an unfair challenge, which is why it was released without a race.
N/A Samus OCD Anonymous Medium 4/27/2014 Randomly found on imgur. Rule #1 is yet to be fully understood. It most likely means that you must shoot each door after going through it.