Speed Booster Hall

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This room is well known for having downward slopes that are shallow enough that the player can arm pump without losing momentum. As such, it's one of the places that's recommended for even beginners to use this technique to save time.


When you're exiting this room, you will want to fire a shot early enough to avoid bonking the door. If you have Spazer equipped any shots fired once you're already on the top level will impact the Metaree instead, so you will need to fire as your cannon is level with the top of the third hill.

If you jump into this door transition, you can significantly reduce the amount of time the transition takes, but you need to jump late enough to avoid bonking on the overhang just before the door. Also, some runners choose to run straight through in order to make the farming in the next room easier. This is the case in particular with Any% PRKD, because runners will have Ice Beam by this point. Firing a single shot to farm those bugs would require a missile, as opposed to Any% KPDR where a single beam shot will kill them, with or without Spazer.


Sometimes in RBO, Samus will appear to "skate" while exiting this room, before losing the Blue Suit state. This is because the audio queue gets filled up by the various noises in the room (heat damage, the earthquake sound, the Speed Booster), and the queue overflows into the address that contains the Speed Booster counter, causing it to get overwritten.

This was fixed in several versions of the randomizer.