The Worst Room In The Game

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Mickey Mouse Room
Pillar Room
Adjacent rooms Amphitheatre

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Also known as WRITG, which is the acronym for "Worst Room In The Game".

Low% Ice

The fastest strat lays a power bomb, then uses a missile, a super missile, and a charge shot to get the top pirate low on hp. Then you charge a shot, walljump up, freeze the pirate in mid-air and land on it.

A slower strat, suitable for just finishing a run, would be to kill all of the pirates and Infinite Bomb Jump up.


The fastest strat fires an angled charge shot to the right to freeze the top pirate, then lays a power bomb, and Space Jumps up.

An easier strat used by most runners is to fire a charged shot upwards such that it only hits the left-hand pirate once, then stand on top of it, shoot the right-hand pirate, lay a Power Bomb, and jump up. The upward shot has a somewhat narrow window of where you can stand such that the pirate will be hit, but only once.

Another strat that's easier than that is to fire an angled shot that hits both of the bottom pirates, and freezes the middle pirate. This video also shows a slightly slower alternative to the "Ball Over the Head", firing a Hero Shot to kill the top pirate.

Beginners can simply kill all of the pirates in the way. Horizontal charged shots will usually kill the pirates in a single shot.


Jump up, lay a Power Bomb at the peak of the jump, then jump back up and use the i-frames from the Power Bomb to do a delayed walljump through the top pirate to the platform above.

This video shows some backup strategies if you miss one or more of the walljumps involved:


With Space Jump and Screw Attack, this room is easy. Remember that Screw Attack is inactive during wall jump frames, and just don't forget to go to the Mickey Mouse Room.

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