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The Worst Room In The Game Adjacent rooms Red Kihunter Shaft

Amphitheatre.png AmpitheatreSmile.png

Any% KPDR/100%

You want to enter this room in a spinjump, so that you can do a descending Space Jump until you're past the lowest stalactite, then start Space Jumping up towards the top platform.

The more you can descend on each Space Jump the faster it will be, but this must be balanced against dropping far enough that you lose the Space Jump state and just fall to the floor, which costs significant time.

Advanced strats can incorporate walljumps off of the lower stalactites, which will reset the Space Jump state.


Enter this room by running through the door transition, then downback until you reach the bottom, just past the bottom-middle pirate. Climb up until you're on the top floating platform of the set that goes up-left, walljump off of the top floating platform, over the top pirate, shoot the door open, and hold an angle-down shot through the door transition. Optionally, short-charge a shinespark so that you can kill two pirates in the next room.