Pillar Room

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Pillar Room
Zone Lower Norfair
Subzone Lower Norfair/East
Hazard Heated
Theme [[]]

Fast Pillars Setup Room Adjacent rooms The Worst Room In The Game




There are four common strategies used in this room:

  • Fast Pillars: Charging a shinespark starting in the previous room, and sparking through the pillars
  • Blue Suit Pillars: Charging the speedbooster starting in the previous room, and Space Jumping with blue suit through the pillars
  • Slow Pillars: Charging a shinespark starting two rooms back, and sparking through the pillars
  • PB Pillars: Using two Power Bombs to destroy the bomb blocks on the pillars

As seen in this comparison video, Fast Pillars is the fastest method, but it does come at the cost of about 75 health. Less if you start the spark closer to the first pillar, but that costs time. The Blue Suit method is the only one that costs no health, either from sparking or from the acid.

If you fail to charge a "top shelf" spark, and instead need to drop down before jumping to activate the spark, then Fast Pillars is still the fastest method, but that does cost about a second, while only saving about 6 hp.

Runners who use the PB Pillars method will need to activate the Power Bombs as close to the pillars as possible, in order to make sure they only use two. Then they must use regular bombs on the bomb blocks at the bottom of Red Kihunter Shaft, in order to avoid needing to pick up the "Power Bombs of Shame" in Wasteland.

GT Classic / 100%