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Location Crocomire's Room, Norfair
Health N/A

General Information

Crocomire does not have a traditional health value and instead, is either alive or dies when he falls into the acid in the back of his chamber. That being said, the word "damage" will be used throughout the page to simply describe a force causing Crocomire to move backwards.

Similar to Kraid, Crocomire is only is vulnerable to damage through his mouth, where Missiles, Super Missiles, charged shots, and special beam attacks will deal damage.

Any part of Crocomire's body (except for his chest) will deal 10 / 20 / 40 damage to Gravity Suit / Varia Suit / Power Suit Samus, respectively.

Crocomire's fireballs deal 5 / 10 / 20 damage to Gravity Suit / Varia Suit / Power Suit Samus, respectively.



Crocomire will not perform any action until his front eye has been scrolled on-screen, at which point, he will roar while staying in place indefinitely until damaged.

Crocomire will usually take a step backwards and pause momentarily after taking the initial hit, at which point, he will again roar while staying in place indefinitely until damaged again.

The damage left over from the initial hit will stack with the damage given in the next hit. For example, even if you strike Crocomire with a charged Plasma shot in the initial hit, he may still only take a single step backwards, but after a second hit, he will take the steps backwards from the charged Plasma shot that occurred (on top of the damage from the second hit, but it would be irrelevant in this case due to Plasma).


Crocomire will charge forward until interrupted by damage or a Power Bomb.

When Crocomire is struck by a Power Bomb, he will become enraged and charge four steps directly forward without interruption.

If Crocomire reaches the spikes in the back of the room, he will charge forward at a speed faster than normal, attempting to force Samus into the spikes, and will back up eight steps afterward. It is possible to become stuck in these spikes in a manner that Samus will need to morph and roll out of the spikes to escape.


Crocomire will extend his claw forward three times before opening his mouth and spitting fireballs in three directions. These fireballs can drop items.

Crocomire has a chance to perform this attack after every interruption from damage.

If Crocomire's fireball attack is not interrupted by damage or a Power Bomb when it ends, he will pause action for approximately two seconds and then either attack with fireballs again or charge forward.

Crocomire will sometimes perform a 'fake' where he will pretend to be performing his fireball attack only to immediately, before opening his mouth fully, step backwards once, then decide which action to take afterward.


Crocomire will move backwards an amount of steps equivalent to the projectile(s) used upon him. For example, he will walk backwards four steps if struck with a Missile and a Super Missile together, then decide which action to take afterward.

Crocomire will not continue moving backwards from damage (if he has more steps to take) if he has scrolled too far off-screen. He will resume backwards movement once brought back onto the screen.

When struck by a charged Plasma Beam shot, Crocomire will be forced backward a tremendous amount, so much so that a single charged Plasma Beam shot will cause him to step backwards over 40 times, which is enough to push him into the acid from any location in the room during the fight.


100% Items

Crocomire can either be handled with charge shots or by firing three Missiles in quick succession, or a Missile followed by a Super Missile immediately after, to sort of 'doppler' Crocomire. These combinations can be mixed throughout the fight depending on the player's ammo.

Try to position Samus directly in front of Crocomire's forward claw and inch forward with angle up held after every barrage you perform.

This information also applies to the 100% Map and Reverse Boss Order categories.

A 100% Items route that collects Spring Ball early, such that Crocomire is not fought until after Maridia, can simply fire a charged Plasma shot at Crocomire when his mouth opens (and if necessary, fire a Missile afterward if he only takes a single step backwards in the beginning) to force him into the acid.

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