Attract Mode

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Attract Mode is generally a term used with arcade machines, where an idle machine will show off automated gameplay in hopes of enticing a passing player to play the game. Super Metroid has some similar scenes if you let the game idle on the title screen.

First set

Landing Site -- Samus rises out of the ship, spinjumps off of it, and turns around a couple times. She walks left, then runs, then angles her cannon up, before walking to the Parlor door and firing a shot to open it.

Construction Zone -- Samus is standing on the top platform. She walks off the right edge, and fires five missiles into the pink door.

Spore Spawn Kihunter Room -- Samus dodges a Kihunter a couple times, before charging a shot and firing it off.

Frog Speedway -- Samus runs right-to-left through the room, destroying the speed blocks and killing the Beetoms.

Spiky Acid Snakes Tunnel -- Samus uses the Grappling Beam to swing across the room, extending the beam on each swing.

Big Pink -- Samus unmorphs, then charges a shot. While keeping the shot charged, she spinjumps up a few platforms before using Pseudo Screw Attack on an enemy, and then charges another shot to fire it at another enemy.

Second set

Below Spazer -- Samus goes right-to-left through the room, freezing the Yapping Maws so she can stand on them.

Green Brinstar Fireflea Room -- Samus kills one of the firefleas, showing the room get darker when this happens.

Green Hill Zone -- Samus shoots the blue gate open, using that shot to charge up a shot to fire at the hopper.

Lava Dive Room -- Samus walks down the steps to the base of the room, then Space Jumps to the top and runs to the door.

Flyway -- Samus uses Space Jump and Screw Attack to kill several of the enemies, then crouches and turns around, angling up.

Dachora Room -- Samus falls down the pit, then walks left until she comes face-to-face with the Dachora.

Third set

Basement -- Samus walks left until she finds one deactivated Workrobot, then he runs right until she encounters another one.

Landing Site -- Samus is in a diagonal shinespark up to the platform leading to Crateria Power Bomb Room.

Kraid Eye Door Room -- Samus kills one of the farm bugs, then jumps across to the eye door. She shoots one missile hitting the eye, then has two more missiles blocked by the eye's shots before landing another one.

Caterpillar Room -- Samus starts by the green door, and jumps up to the platform just underneath the first shot block.

Kraid Room -- Samus is standing on the platform by the door, then Kraid starts rising out of the ground.

Statues Room -- Samus watches as the gem flies out from the Kraid statue.

Fourth set

This set unlocks after beating the game for the first time.

Landing Site -- Samus is in a horizontal shinespark that breaks through the bomb blocks and crashes into the door to Gauntlet Entrance.

Mt. Everest -- Samus is standing on the platform underneath the door to Red Fish Room. She equips Grappling Beam, and swings around the platform before letting go, landing on the next platform.

Landing Site -- Samus is on the tall plateau, and starts Bomb Jumping up to the platform leading to Crateria Power Bomb Room.

Green Brinstar Main Shaft -- Samus is next to the Brinstar Pre-Map Room door, equips Power Bombs, then charges a Plasma shot, releasing a Plasma Shield, killing three Zeelas.

Landing Site -- Samus morphs into a ball, and performs a Crystal Flash.