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100% GT
100% GT
0:12 IGT
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Start Timer:
On Start Game
Stop Timer:
Entering Ship Animation
Begin At:
Ceres Station
End At:
End of Zebes Escape
Lots and lots of Missiles and Reserve Tanks
Major Bosses:
Bomb Torizo
Boss Order:


100% GT involves completing the game with "100%" of items (indicated by the final credits screen) by any means necessary - which in this case, involves utilizing the Golden Torizo code, as it is currently the fastest means of performing this action. It could technically also be referred to as "100% glitched."

The Golden Torizo code provides Samus with 53% of items, which includes 100 Missiles, 20 Super Missiles, 20 Power Bombs, 7 Energy Tanks, 3 Reserve Tanks, and all major items except Screw Attack, which is almost immediately picked up upon acquiring these items.


The information for the beginning of this route is the exact same as the any% GT guide until you reach the Gunship out of bounds after performing the Screw Attack room wrong warp to that location. This category performs that same wrong warp, and saves nearly two minutes compared to the previous route, which is the route twocat's 29:52 used. It is possible that a faster route exists by utilizing a different wrong warp, as there are potential candidates; however, such a wrong warp has not been found, let alone a setup for it, even though many hours have already been devoted to finding one.

After successfully wrong warping to the out of bounds of the Gunship area, you will want to drop down, similar to any% GT, but with the intent to wrap into the Parlor instead of the connector tube to the moat area. If you were successful, jump to the left and open the door. You may need to mash jump while alternating between down and left inputs to escape the slopes before the door, as slopes have different properties when the room they are in is a copy and not the original room. In the event you were placed inside the Parlor normally, or placed inside the connector tube instead, you will obviously instead want to simply run to the left to the Terminator room.

After successfully entering the Terminator room, make your way down to the Brinstar elevator, making sure to collect the Energy Tank along the way. Upon descending down the elevator, enter the early Supers room, and run across the bridge to the red door.

This room is where 42% of items will be acquired by resetting the room over and over upon acquiring the items. After acquiring all three items in the room, reset the room by charging space time then firing a Missile while facing up and hugging the right wall where the first Missile pack was on top. Immediately hold left after firing the Missile to fall into the appropriate transition. As you are transitioning, hold right so that you will transition back into the Reserve Tank room. If you do not hold right, it is unlikely that you will automatically transition into this room.

If you missed the transition, it is possible that you were placed in a copy of the room, in which case, it may be possible to navigate back to either the elevator room or the Reserve Tank room. You should try to navigate the copy as if you were placed all the way left - right between the door and Zeb pipe - because this is the most likely spot for you to be in. When running across the bridge, be careful not to fall down below the crumble blocks, as it will be impossible to escape this prison without the usage of space time, which is unlikely to allow you to escape swiftly, if at all.

After acquiring 97% of items (which, if you were following this route, would mean you collected all of the items in this room 14 times total), you can exit the room using the following warp immediately after collecting the last Missile pack. You do not need to hold any direction or buttons during this process, and should be knocked back into the proper transition. Make sure you are not too far forward, or else you will be put into a copy of the room in a different location instead. Once ejected into the previous room, collect the Super Missile pack before exiting the room, then head up the elevator.

For anyone familiar with the warp which used to be a part of this route which would warp you immediately up the elevator shaft after entering the elevator room (which twocat's 29:52 used), you cannot use that warp with this route, else it will send you back down the elevator instead.

From here, jump over the mushrooms through the Kago room, and in the pirate staircase area, charge space time then fire a Missile while at the red door, which will set you right behind the Terminator Energy Tank, which will make 99% once acquired.

As you run through this room, you will want to charge your beam as you collect the Energy Tank, and pause the game to unequip all beams except Charge, making sure to still be holding fire when you unpause so as to maintain the charge. Then, using the small spherical plant on the ground near the top of the room as a visual cue, stand directly in front of it, such that Samus is barely covering the entirety of it up. It may also help to pay attention to how much of the plant appears to stick out of Samus's back leg. Once in position, fire the shot, and immediately hold left after firing to fall into the appropriate transition. If you were in the appropriate position, the game should not have slowed down at all upon firing the shot. If it did, continue to hold left like normal during the process, and it should work the same after it is done, albeit slower.

If you were successful in triggering the escape, you should appear to fall out of the top staircase in front of two Space Pirates. Head to the Gunship from here, picking up the Terminator Energy Tank one final time, thus reaching "100%". A small timesaver you can perform is a shinespark from the Terminator room into Parlor. An optimal shinespark will send Samus over the entire "Alcatraz" dirt mound instead of stopping her right in front of it.