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any% gt code
any% gt code
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Any% GT involves completing the game as fast as possible while utilizing the Golden Torizo code. ("GT" within the moniker of a category essentially means "uses Golden Torizo code"; usage is mandatory)

The Golden Torizo code provides Samus with 53% of items, which includes 100 Missiles, 20 Super Missiles, 20 Power Bombs, 7 Energy Tanks, 3 Reserve Tanks, and all major items except Screw Attack. Since this includes every beam in the game, this allows the player to utilize a combination of beams (Charge/Ice/Spazer/Plasma) known as Space Time Beam to massively corrupt memory, including memory where the data for the current room is stored, essentially replacing the room with garbage data. Space time beam is applied, in conjunction with other weaponry, to create transitions out of this garbage data that can swiftly and safely transport Samus through entire rooms.

For a brief period of time, this category used to be the fastest method of completing the game, until it was discovered that you could use the X-Ray Scope in a similar manner to corrupt memory, including memory that tells the game whether the escape is triggered or not. That category is known as Any% Glitched. This category is still relatively close in terms of completion time, and simply achieves the same result in a different manner.


The route is basically the same as 14% Ice up to Power Bombs. The only difference up to that point in terms of items is that you do not acquire Charge Beam.

The Red Tower climb can be difficult, especially if you are used to performing it with some other form of beam, such as Charge, Wave, and/or Ice, since you will not have any of those to perform it with. An uncharged beam shot has a smaller hitbox and will despawn more easily, requiring you to walljump faster up the climb so that the shot may connect with the destructible block.

Either that or you will want to first walljump up the climb in order to break the block, fall down, then walljump back up to complete the climb.

After obtaining Power Bombs, head to Kraid through the standard Red Brinstar path. Since you have Power Bombs, you can attempt a strategy in the Minikraid hallway that involves performing a kagoball through the first Space Pirate to mockball through most of the room. The Power Bomb will destroy the Space Pirates in the process, and Minikraid can be dispatched with either a Super Missile or two Missiles like normal. If you find that to be too difficult, you can alternatively take out the Space Pirates with regular Missiles (or Supers, depending on your ammo count and Kraid strategy), or you can fire a beam shot in the direction of the first Space Pirate to interrupt his attack in order to jump over the first two Space Pirates and lay a Power Bomb without the kagoball.

After obtaining the Varia Suit from Kraid, head to Norfair. You can opt to grab Kraid's Energy Tank and/or the Energy Tank before Hi-Jump Boots if you require them to survive the upcoming areas.

If you are obtaining Hi-Jump Boots, you can wait to open the Sova-locked door until after obtaining Hi-Jump Boots. When coming back through the room, take the path below the Missile pack. You can lay a Power Bomb after walljumping up the vertical shaft and ball boosting through the Sova which will destroy the Sova and unlock the door. The Power Bomb should also hit the destructible blocks, creating a smoother exit.

Head to Bubble Mountain similar to any%. If you do not have Hi-Jump Boots, you will have to bomb jump up to one of the doors along the way. There is a save station to the left of Bubble Mountain. Take a detour south through the Power Bomb blocks to Lower Norfair. Refill your health and ammo in the room to the right of the tall purple room if you need to. Energy and Super Missiles are the primary concern at this point. In the Magdollite room, immediately firing a Missile upon entering to take out the Multiviola will make whatever movement you perform afterward simpler.

Next comes the most difficult series of inputs to perform in this run. If you miss a walljump or are unintentionally struck by a fireball, it's probably game over. There is very little room for error here if you are performing the lava dive with Hi-Jump Boots and one Energy Tank, or if you are performing the lava dive without Hi-Jump Boots and with two Energy Tanks.

With Hi-Jump Boots

  • Align Samus with the edge of the horizontal section above the (open) door
  • After taking approximately two running steps towards the door, press and hold jump
  • After the transition, hold down - with proper timing, you should have entered the lava pool without losing any momentum
  • Morph and hold left during the dive until you reach the far left Namihe
  • Jump on top of the Namihe, making sure to avoid any fireballs in the way
  • Walljump off of the Namihe above and let your momentum carry you to the right wall below the final Namihe
  • Walljump in place until an opportune time (when there isn't a fireball in the way) to walljump towards the side of the top left platform near Ridley's maw

If you were not successful in executing the second step, there are a few in-room backup strategies you can perform that have similar results, that basically involve performing short hops facing down before entering the lava then carrying on the appropriate remaining steps.

Without Hi-Jump Boots

For reference, skipping Hi-Jump Boots and performing lava dive with two Energy Tanks (Terminator and Kraid) can save approximately 20 seconds over obtaining Hi-Jump Boots and performing lava dive with only the Terminator Energy Tank. If you plan on skipping Hi-Jump Boots, make sure you are able to bomb jump up to the Cathedral entrance door relatively quickly, as it is one of the main ways you can lose potential time. If you perform a crouch jump, you can make it up to that particular door in only one double bomb jump.

There is a save station to the left of the elevator. After the elevator ride, head right into the pre-pillar room, then Power Bomb through to the bottom left door.

Up next is a finicky trick known as the Green Gate Glitch. Since you only have a maximum of five chances to activate the switch, consistency is vital in executing this trick.

After performing the gate glitch, try to damage boost off of the fleet of Rippers if you can, or Power Bomb them if you want to be safe. If you are able to gate glitch immediately upon entering the room, you can potentially jump, morph, and ball boost through them as a safe way to gain additional momentum.

Bomb your way down to Screw Attack, but do not pick it up. Here is where you will execute the wondrous Golden Torizo code, or GT Code for short.

Once inside the chamber after executing the GT Code, open the item menu and unequip Wave Beam. Otherwise, the game will crash immediately upon the beam being fired.

Space Timewarp #1 - Golden Torizo


Charge space time. While charging, equip Super Missiles. Face left and perform a medium-sized jump. While descending, fire a Super Missile when Samus's cannon is aligned with the two square blocks above the door. When performed correctly, the game should stabilize after a Super Missile vibration effect, with Samus seemingly standing in midair. Morph and roll to the right. This should warp you into the Screw Attack room.

Error Correction

If you appear to have taken damage during the space time effect and are not warped, morph, roll to the right, and spring. There is a chance that the game will warp you into the Golden Torizo lava statue room's bottom right door without being stuck. From there, you can attempt the skip again.

Space Timewarp #2 - Screw Attack


Bomb away a section of the ceiling before charging space time, then charge space time. While charging, equip Super Missiles. Position Samus in the corner between the upper left portion of the lowered ceiling above the Golden Torizo entrance and the bird head ornament. Fire a Super Missile while aiming up+left then immediately turn around to the right. This should (if you were fortunate) warp you into the out of bounds of the Landing Site, directly behind the door to the Gauntlet area.

Turning around to the right gives a slightly higher chance of being warped to this location and not crashing. Outside of Virtual Console, it is still possible for the game to crash in a few different ways when attempting this warp.

Error Correction

There isn't any known way to correct being sent to the green gate room instead of the out of bounds of the Landing Site due to how it sets you in that room, and how it sets you afterward in the next room even if you were able to escape into a nearby transition.

From this out of bounds location, morph and roll to the right to fall above the Parlor's transition location, and fall into the transition by moving left off of the ceiling, then holding right. Doing so should either put you in the connector tube between the Landing Site and the pre-moat room, which is ideal, or in the Parlor. The following clip is an example of a method you can use for acquiring the connector tube transition with decent consistency.

In the event that you are sent to the Parlor instead, you can jump to the left and open the door to the Terminator room. Because of the geometry of the slope next to the door (as it is a copy of the room), you may need to mash jump while holding down and left to escape the slope and enter the room transition. Once inside, you can perform the same escape trigger that the 100% GT category uses as a backup (check that page for information on how to execute that trigger). You will want to execute it fairly quickly as the enemies in the room have the potential to crash the game (even in the short span needed to fall into the door transition after firing) as space time can generate crash blocks and many creatures in this room will move off-screen (note that on console, it can still crash regardless of enemies, just like any space time). Afterward, run to the Gunship, making sure to avoid the Energy Tank along the way.

Upon reaching the pre-moat room, you can perform one of the following to trigger the escape:

Space Timewarp #3 - Escape Trigger

There are many ways, depending on which platform you are playing on, to trigger the escape. Standard Method is listed because it is the trigger that many older players are more familiar with, but VC Method is currently the fastest known method with this route.

Standard Method

Align Samus against the longest piece of the ceiling that is extending down, then turn around to face left. Charge space time. While charging (do not let go of the fire button until the map screen has appeared), open the item menu and unequip every beam except for Charge Beam. Exit the pause screen while holding the fire button. While aiming up+left, unleash the charge once the game screen has reappeared. This should cause Samus to fall multiple screens before being damaged backwards into a transition, placing Samus halfway in the floor of the connector tube.

This is the most commonly used method in early runs of this category. Taking out the Kihunter on the right is recommended.

Works on all platforms.

VC Method

Place Samus slightly left of the edge of the second step to the right of the room. Charge space time. While charging (do not let go of the fire button until the map screen has appeared), open the item menu and unequip every beam except for Charge Beam. Exit the pause screen while holding the fire button. While aiming up+left, unleash the charge once the game screen has reappeared. After firing, wait about half a second, then hold right. This should cause Samus to fall multiple screens into a transition, dropping Samus back into the connector tube.

Virtual Console is unique in that many methods of triggering the escape that work on console, or emulators that utilize the bsnes core, do not work on it. On Virtual Console, many methods that work on other platforms will still warp you properly through the rooms, but will not trigger the escape. Additionally, for some reason, the escape is not able to be triggered on Virtual Console unless you release the shot while aiming up+left.

The positioning for this trigger is quite lenient, and the game stabilizes immediately upon firing the charge shot. You can basically hold right during most of the fall to land on the transition. This method saves a handful of seconds compared to Standard Method.

Works on all platforms.

If you managed to successfully trigger the escape, demolish the blocks before the Gunship and enter it. Congratulations on completing this category.


All of the warps used in this category (should) work exactly the same on PAL, including those of the previous route before the Screw Attack wrong warp was discovered. The escape triggers work close to the same, as "VC Method" is exactly the same and "Standard Method" requires Samus to move forward a block's distance to fall into the transition as opposed to being knocked back into it after the fall.

Not only is PAL able to complete the lava dive without Hi-Jump Boots, it can do so with only one Energy Tank since it does not need to exploit invulnerability with a fireball. Regarding the lava dive itself, it can be difficult to not lose momentum before or when entering the pool, and landing the walljump after transitioning from the top left Namihe to underneath the top right Namihe can be especially difficult.

Even though PAL is able to skip Bomb Torizo and able to perform the above lava dive without Hi-Jump Boots, due to the difference in frame rate compared to NTSC, PAL is presumably the slower of the two options, although it is unknown how much slower PAL actually is in comparison. Additionally, common NTSC strategies such as "Terminator" do not directly work on PAL, although there are potential alternatives that exist for rooms with altered enemy patterns.

PAL has reduced lag in general, most notably during Kraid and during a number of Power Bomb explosions.


This video shows a hitbox view of the Spacetime portion of the run, including the "Standard Method" listed above for the Escape trigger.

This video shows the hitbox view for the 100% GT backup strat, if you transition from Landing Site to Parlor.

This video shows the "VC Method" from the farthest left you can stand and still have it work. It also shows the three different timings of the delay between letting go of the shot and holding right. Press right too soon and you'll end up on-screen, taking a spike hit. Jump and go left to hit the transition. Press right with the correct timing and you'll come on-screen just in time to hit the transition. Press right too late and you'll take a spike hit off-screen. Jump and go right to hit the transition.