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L+R Walljumping is a technique to walljump up a single wall, suitless while underwater without Hi-Jump. It is not inherently required to do this (where it is at least theoretically possible to gain height without), but is believed to be required to break the water surface. "L+R" refers to holding left and right simultaneously (not the angle buttons).

This technique is required in 13% xCharge. It is also frequently used in esoteric 14% categories, such as: 14% GrappleChargeless, 14% xSpeed, 14% xAmmo, and 14% Pb-Pb. It is also currently used in 14% xChargeless and 14% xPb, although is not required. It could also be helpful in low% versions of other categories (e.g., low% RBO).

Below, some base information is given as well as some comparison with other techniques.


L+R walljumping requires simultaneously pressing left and right. This is impossible on original SNES hardware. Thus, L+R walljumping is banned in any category where it is not explicitly stated otherwise. It is implicitly banned in anything else (randomizer races, puzzles, etc) that do not explicitly state that it is allowed. It should not be used in any race, without first confirming that it is okay.

How to do L+R walljumping

Recall this requires pressing left and right simultaneously. If using original hardware, this will require modifying the controller. If using an emulator, you may have to enable this in the settings.

On a right wall, jump towards the wall, release right, then hold right first and start holding left. (These steps are not actually needed, you just need to be holding left and right near the wall while in a pose that can walljump.) When you are close enough to the wall to walljump, start mashing jump. Mashing jump is required since every other jump will push Samus away from the wall. You will slowly gain height. This can break the surface of the water, although the mashing speed required to do this is difficult.

A left wall is considerably more difficult. You can only wall jump on a left wall if right is held and left is not held. Thus the method is to jump into the wall, begin holding right after you are against the wall, immediately jump (holding jump as much as possible should be better), and then immediately tap left after jumping (while still holding right, so this requires L+R). This will cause Samus to glide back towards the wall, since underwater movement is weird. Then repeat: Jump again and tap left. The issue is the pace of (jump, tap left, jump, tap left) is very, very fast to actually gain height. This is more feasible (and less useful) on PAL. This cannot be used to break the surface of the water.

The method for left walls suggests why L+R is not inherently required for these jumps: If you could switch from right to left and back to right fast enough (or vice versa for right walls), you could gain height without the use of L+R. However, since the pace to break the surface of the water is much faster, it is not even theoretically possible (RTA) to break the surface of the water without L+R.

Interaction with Hi-Jump and PAL

With Hi-Jump, it is possible to walljump up a single wall while suitless underwater without the use of L+R. It is even possible to break the surface of the water. This is possible on both NTSC and PAL. The most well-known category where this is done is 14% Speedboots, which is a PAL-only category. The technique of walljumping while suitless underwater with Hi-Jump (without L+R) can be useful in challenges, randomizers, and hacks.

Both L+R walljumping and suitless underwater walljumping with Hi-Jump are easier on PAL, since PAL has a slightly higher jump height. They are both possible on NTSC; PAL simply makes them easier.

Two wall suitless underwater walljumping

With two walls in a single tile gap, jump may simply be mashed to gain height.

With two walls in a two tile gap, height can be gained by more traditional wall jumps (although using a different rhythm due to being suitless underwater). This is most frequently used in West Sand Hole in randomizers, to collect the items here with Hi-Jump. It is possible to break the surface of the water with Hi-Jump, but it is not without Hi-Jump. This can also be used to climb Crab Shaft and Aqueduct.

Thus, in these situations L+R walljumping is not needed.

Where is L+R walljumping used?

L+R walljumping is principally used in five locations, although there are many less common uses (like East Cactus Alley Room or East Sand Hole):

(1) Fish Tank: Categories that must climb to Mt. Everest without Gravity Suit, Ice Beam, Hi-Jump, or Spring Ball (or potentially a shinespark, but this would normally be used in Mt. Everest itself) must go up Fish Tank. This requires L+R walljumping. On PAL, it is only required on a right wall. On NTSC, it is needed on a left wall.

This is used in 14% GrappleChargeless and 14% Pb-Pb. Note 14% categories that collect X-Ray Scope may instead G-Mode into Maridia, and hence do not need to climb Fish Tank.

Also note since the surface of the water does not need to be broken, this can theoretically be done without L+R walljumping. However, given the length of the climb, this is unlikely to be done RTA.

(2) Mt. Everest: Categories that Jesuswalk across Mt. Everest need to get to the top left of the room after using G-Mode to enter Maridia. On NTSC, this requries doing some left wall L+R walljumping. The extra jump height on PAL makes this unnecessary; thus, these are very short. Also, the surface of the water is not broken, so this can theoretically be done without L+R.

This is used in 14% xAmmo.

(3) Botwoon Energy Tank Room: The ledge in this room is too high to be reached without some form of jump assist. Thus, categories that do not collect Gravity Suit, Ice Beam, Hi-Jump, Spring Ball, X-Ray Scope, Grapple, and cannot carry a blue suit to this room (potentially from both sides), need to use L+R walljumping. Going left to right, this is a right wall. Going right to left, this is a left wall.

This usage is fairly short. Also, the surface of the water is not broken, so this can theoretically be done without L+R.

This is used in 14% Pb-Pb.

(4) Halfie Climb Room: This is the most extreme case of L+R walljumping, since the surface of the water must be broken. Any category that does not collect Gravity Suit, Ice Beam, Hi-Jump, Grapple, and cannot spark up this room must use L+R walljumping.

This is used in 14% xAmmo, 14% xSpeed, and 14% Pb-Pb.

(5) East Cactus Alley Room: This can be used to cross this room from right to left. For 13% or 14% categories, this is an alternative to going back through the Botwoon Hallways and then the Sand Halls. It allows backdooring into Wrecked Ship. Thus, it may be preferable.

This is not strictly required in any standard category.

Other Uses of L+R

Pressing left and right simultaneously also allows easier momentum mirroring. This allows getting deep stuck in doors without the use of a shinespark, by doing a boomerang mockball.

Note there is currently no known helpful use of pressing up and down simultaneously.