Golden Torizo

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Golden Torizo
Location Golden Torizo's Room, Lower Norfair
Health 13500

General Information

Golden Torizo has 13500 hit points.

Golden Torizo is vulnerable to Missiles, Super Missiles, charged shots, and special beam attacks.

Super Missiles will deal 600 damage to Golden Torizo instead of their normal 300.

Depending on what you consider an offensive ability, Golden Torizo has the most out of any enemy in Super Metroid, tied with Mother Brain's second phase.

Any part of Golden Torizo's body will deal 40 / 80 / 160 damage to Gravity Suit / Varia Suit / Power Suit Samus, respectively.

The explosion from Golden Torizo's eggs will deal 20 / 40 / 80 damage to Gravity Suit / Varia Suit / Power Suit Samus, respectively.

Golden Torizo's floor explosion attack will deal 2 / 4 / 8 damage to Gravity Suit / Varia Suit / Power Suit Samus, respectively, and can strike multiple times depending on how Samus comes into contact with it.

Golden Torizo's claw laser attack will deal 30 / 60 / 120 damage to Gravity Suit / Varia Suit / Power Suit Samus, respectively.

When below approximately 1900 health, Golden Torizo's core will become exposed, allowing him to spawn birds instead of eggs that will fly forward and deal 25 / 50 / 100 damage to Gravity Suit / Varia Suit / Power Suit Samus, respectively.

When a Super Missile is fired at Golden Torizo, then assuming he is not holding one already, he will catch the Super Missile and attempt to throw it at Samus, dealing 50 / 100 / 200 damage to Gravity Suit / Varia Suit / Power Suit Samus, respectively.

Golden Torizo will turn to avoid Missiles, making them close to useless against him, unless he is holding a Super Missile, or performing his floor explosion attack, which will make him unable to turn.



Golden Torizo will walk forwards towards Samus if she is nearby and does not have Golden Torizo locked into a corner.

Golden Torizo will turn around if Samus manages to get behind him.


Golden Torizo will attempt to jump forwards towards Samus if she moves too far away.

Golden Torizo will attempt to jump backwards away from Samus depending on how close she gets to him, in a manner similar to Bomb Torizo.

Golden Torizo will always perform an attack after jumping backwards.


100% Items

Charged Ice + Wave + Plasma deals 900 damage, meaning it will take 15 shots to reduce Golden Torizo's health to zero.

Golden Torizo can be forced against the wall immediately by standing directly in front of him such that he immediately jumps backwards towards the wall. This puts him into a favorable position for firing upwards through him with the beam, such that every charge shot will strike twice, effectively dealing 1800 damage per. You will want to quickly position Samus on top of Golden Torizo's forward foot and crouch down to enter this position. If you are using the right wall, then Samus should be positioned directly behind the pillar in the background (the third of three that are visible).

Golden Torizo will not take double damage in this manner if the shot is fired while he is descending from a jump. You want to fire the shot while he isn't airborne, or before he starts to descend from a jump.

This information also applies to the 100% Map and GT Classic categories.

Reverse Boss Order

Assuming you are using an optimal route, you will want to open the fight with a couple of charged Wave Beam shots and then begin spamming Super Missiles upwards into him.

If you are below 32 Missiles during the fight, then Golden Torizo will only spit eggs and will never use his claw laser attack until you reach 32+ Missiles. This fact is abused by fighting Golden Torizo with a cap of 30 Missiles, meaning he will only spit eggs during the entire fight once forced into the corner.

Once your Super Missiles have been consumed, turn around and start farming his eggs by using Wave Beam to break the eggs and Grapple Beam to pick up the drops. Once you have an adequate amount of Super Missiles, you can finish him off.

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