Crateria Kihunter Room

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Crateria Tube Adjacent rooms The Moat
Red Brinstar Elevator Room



When entering through the bottom door, have Power Bombs selected while morphed or morphing. Lay a Power Bomb as soon as possible - this will open the door for later, and will destroy the two Scisers which will drop either Power Bombs or large energy.

Make your way up to the top, through the 2x2 block. Lay another Power Bomb next to the right stalactite to kill the Kihunter and open the door on the right. You can pseudo-Screw or fire a Missile at the Kihunter on the left as you run towards the door on the left.

Then, you can perform Ocean Fly.

Beginners, or runners who want to save health, can instead do the two-spark method, which is easiest if you start the shinespark while still in this room.

If you wait for the shot block to respawn, then charging a shinespark here only requires a 1-tap "Quick Charge" rather than a Short Charge.

If you use a hero shot to break the shot block from below, then it will respawn earlier, so you may not have to wait, depending on how quickly your movements are in the rest of the room. If the block hasn't respawned yet, then you can short charge before the gap, and gap skip over it.

If you're skipping the Moat missiles, then you can activate the shinespark along the ceiling, and it will funnel you down into the top of the door transition.

The hero shot to break the shot block is more likely to hit if you stay on the silver beam after laying the Power Bomb instead of moving left onto the piece of rock that it's attached to.