Red Brinstar Fireflea Room

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Red Brinstar Fireflea Room
Zone Brinstar
Subzone Brinstar/Red
Hazard Dark
Theme Brinstar/Red

X-Ray Scope Room Adjacent rooms Red Tower



For the Late Crocomire route, ideally you can use a Spike Suit to traverse this room on the way in, gained during the fight against Crocomire.

Otherwise as you're Space Jumping through, after you pass the first Yapping Maw you can land on the spikes, and build more speed before Space Jumping through the rest of the room. Make sure not to land on the Yapping Maw, or it will grab you.

As you're leaving, you can attempt a Speedkeep that can save about a second. But attempting it and missing costs about a second compared with just Space Jumping through the room.

Freeze the Yapping Maw. This will give you speedkeep distance.

Any% Glitched

This video demonstrates how to safely and consistently get to early X-Ray without Grapple or Spacejump and covers a wide variety of possible backups in case the last Damage Boost is missed, covering item combinations that might be found in a Randomizer run.

This video is a demonstration of the safe method shown in that tutorial, which only requires Morphing Ball, two Power Bombs, and five missiles, as done in the 4% category.

This is a faster and more advanced strategy that can be used with Bomb Jumping.

This video shows a farming strat that can be used on the way in.

These strats use Pause Abuse to farm the Yapping Maws and run across the spikes on the way out.