14% Iceboost

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Super Metroid Category
14% iceboost
14% iceboost
1:12 IGT
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World Record Holder
World Record Holder:

Category Details

Start Timer:
On Start Game
Stop Timer:
Entering Ship Animation
Begin At:
Ceres Station
End At:
End of Zebes Escape
Major Bosses:
Boss Order:

14% Iceboost is one of the eight in-bounds low% categories that are currently humanly possible. A total of 14 items are picked up during the entire run and focuses on using the Ice Beam and Speed Booster for level progression.

This category is possible due to a discovery by EternisedDragon that allows blue suit to be generated by incorporating a bomb explosion with a shinespark as Varia Suit is acquired.

As a result of the above, and the requirement to carry this blue suit all the way to Draygon (to escape her entry chamber post-defeat) with Ice Beam as the only assistance provided in traversing Maridia, this is possibly the most difficult 14% humanly-possible category to complete, and perhaps only second in difficulty to 12%.

This category is early into its record progression. It is likely that this category could be completed in under two hours, but such a time would require a large amount of solid execution from the player, as certain parts of this category can be highly demanding if the player is attempting to obtain such a time.


To finish this run, you need to know how to:

Collected Items

Morphball.png Bombs.png Charge.png Ice.png Speedbooster.png Varia.png Etank.png Etank.png Etank.png Missiles.png Supermissiles.png Supermissiles.png Supermissiles.png Powerbomb.png

Since it can be difficult to survive the hell run to Speed Booster (from the Gamet well and back) without pausing and with only two Energy Tanks, the Brinstar Reserve Tank can replace one of the Energy Tanks listed above for partial pause abuse. It can also potentially be utilized similarly in other areas. Note that such utilization can cause a substantial loss of real time in a speedrun, but could save game time as game time would cease not only during pause screens, but would also cease for any frame that Samus is at 00 energy, including those during pause fade-outs.

Alternatively, the player can instead choose to acquire a third Energy Tank before the Speed Booster hell run, such as the one in the ceiling of blue Brinstar.

As is the case in 14% xIce, regarding lava dive - as the player has neither Gravity Suit (meaning gravitation jump is not an option) nor Hi-Jump Boots (meaning the "GT Code" category method of simply walljumping up is not an option), they must use either the EternisedDragon method or the sniqwc3 method for completing the dive. Note that just like Reverse Boss Order, Speed Booster should be disabled during this, otherwise it will hinder horizontal momentum, making it much more difficult to execute properly and leaving Samus with less energy.


Schmeman - Teaches how to scale the Maridian mountain.

EternisedDragon - Shows ways to reach the door leading to Crab Shaft from below its location, and a way to traverse the Colosseum.

matrick2298 - Goes over the entirety of the suitless maridia, including alternate strats for some areas. Mainly aimed towards XIce runs, but the info translates easily.