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Location Botwoon's Room, Maridia
Health 3000

General Knowledge

Botwoon has 3000 health.

Botwoon is only vulnerable to damage at his head, where Missiles, Super Missiles, charged shots, and special beam attacks will deal damage.

Botwoon will always first appear from the upper left hole, and will appear after an amount between 271 and 273 frames has elapsed after Samus has entered the room.

Botwoon deals 32 / 64 / 128 damage with his body and 30 / 60 / 120 damage with his head to Gravity Suit / Varia Suit / Power Suit Samus, respectively. Samus can come into contact with multiple parts of Botwoon's body at once, so be careful of where you have her positioned when an invulnerability period ends.

Botwoon's acid deals 24 / 48 / 96 damage to Gravity Suit / Varia Suit / Power Suit Samus, respectively, and can strike multiple times depending on how Samus comes into contact with it.



Botwoon's standard procedure is to serpentine around the room in a seemingly random manner.

Botwoon has four different opening snaking patterns he can perform, and many different snaking patterns that he can use throughout the fight.


After every snaking pattern, Botwoon can choose to poke his head out from one of the holes in the room and spit five pieces of acid in an arc from his location.

Botwoon can perform this action multiple times in a row.

Botwoon will lose the ability to perform this action upon being below 1500 health after a spitting period ends.


Botwoon's body parts will still act as a source of damage until they explode.

A reduced amount of drops will spawn if Botwoon's tail explodes too early compared to the rest of his body, which will occur if his tail is too close to the floor upon his death.

If Botwoon's chamber is escaped before the center pillar has been fully destroyed, the game will not consider Botwoon to be dead. In this case, Botwoon will be inside his chamber, along with the center pillar, if his chamber is reentered.


Any% (Beginner)

A charged Ice/Wave/Spazer shot will deal the same amount of damage as a Super Missile. A way to start the fight is by positioning yourself slightly behind the bottom hole, facing left with angle up held and a charge shot ready. Fire the charge shot as soon as he appears, and then use Super Missiles afterward. Return to using the beam if Botwoon is not dead after you have expended your Super Missiles.

In case of danger, Botwoon cannot damage you with his body if you are positioned next to the left wall as none of his patterns extend to that location. Acid particles can still cover that location; however, as stated above, he will not generate these once below 50%, and they are simple to avoid when morphed.

Any% (Optimal)

There are two primary setups for performing the X-Factor opener on Botwoon.

The setup using an audio cue involves charging the beam for the X-Factor on the fourth note of the miniboss music riff while facing left underneath the upper left hole, turning around to face right, then jumping on the fifth note of the second repetition of the riff. Your jump should peak at the height of the upper left hole.

The setup without an audio cue involves running into the room, running right into the right wall, immediately turning around and running into the left wall, then charging the beam as soon as Samus touches the left wall, turning around to face right, then jumping when Samus blinks white quickly the second time (almost immediately after a charge is gained). Again, your jump should peak at the height of the upper left hole.

Afterward, finish him off with Super Missiles. If your X-Factor was on point, it should only take six. If you run out of Super Missiles before Botwoon explodes, you can either use Missiles (3 Missiles = 1 Super Missile) or charged Wave Beam shots (2 charged Wave Beam shots = 1 Super Missile).

Botwoon will make a noise every time a projectile connects with his head. This means that if every X-Factor particle connected with his head, you should hear Botwoon make four noises.

Decalled found a setup that allows an opening X-Factor to hit without Samus taking a hit, allowing you to immediately start hitting him with Supers. This can also be combined with missiles at the opener to save Supers for Draygon.

This setup also allows 2 X-Factors to fit in the round, finishing him off when combined with 3 supers.

This video covers all of the missile and 2X strats, as well as backups.

This information also applies to the 100% categories.

14% Ice

You will want to position yourself slightly behind the bottom hole, facing left with angle up held. It is recommended to start with Missiles as the start of the fight will be the slowest Botwoon will ever be, and then deal the remaining damage with Super Missiles. You should be able to get about 3 Super Missiles in when Botwoon pokes his head out from a hole to spit acid, although he is not guaranteed to ever do that during the fight.

Although it is possible to "one round" Botwoon in this category, it is significantly more difficult than in Any%, and certain opening patterns make "one rounding" extremely difficult.

If Botwoon is still alive after you have expended all of your ballistics, you can finish with charged Ice Beam shots. You can also try using Ice Shield, but it can cause tremendous lag when used incorrectly, be difficult to damage Botwoon with, and expend Power Bombs that would be useful for Draygon later.

This information also applies to the 14% Speed category; however, certain actions may be ever so slightly different due to having Speed Booster.

GT Classic

Having the items from GT Code allows for the X-Plasma exploit to be performed by activating X-Ray Scope multiple times as a charged Ice/Wave/Plasma shot passes through Botwoon's head.

Since charged Ice/Wave/Plasma deals 900 damage, you can slay Botwoon in this manner with only one charge shot with proper X-Ray Scope activations.

Reverse Boss Order

Since Botwoon will deal maximum damage to Power Suit Samus, a strategy for handling Botwoon in this category is to camp in the safe zone next to the left wall and unload Super Missiles into him from there.


DbX - Explains methods for how to X-Factor not only Botwoon, but Phantoon and Draygon as well.

Popplars - Decalled X-factor strat tutorial

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