14% Iceboots

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14% iceboots
14% iceboots
1:08 IGT
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Ceres Station
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End of Zebes Escape
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14% Iceboots is one of the in-bounds 14% categories that have a known RTA completion. A total of 14 items are picked up during the entire run and focuses on using the Ice Beam and Hi-Jump Boots for level progression.

14% Iceboots is a PAL-only category. The PAL version allows for Hi-Jump Boots to replace Gravity Suit because the player's jump height underwater is slightly higher compared to NTSC, making it possible to escape Draygon's entry chamber without the use of Gravity Suit, Speed Booster (or blue suit/shinespark suit), or X-Ray Scope.


To finish this run, you need to know how to:

Collected Items

Morphball.png Bombs.png Charge.png Ice.png Varia.png Hijump.png Etank.png Etank.png Etank.png Missiles.png Missiles.png Supermissiles.png Supermissiles.png Powerbomb.png

The reason why the prerequisites includes the option to double bomb jump over the moat is because the continuous walljump has a different, less intuitive setup, and the walljump itself with the setup below is a one frame window, not a two frame window.

To continuous walljump over the moat on PAL, you can use the following setup:

  • When inside the moat room itself, stand next to the door, open it, and run through into the previous room
  • Hold angle up or angle down when coming out of the transition to cease movement
  • Turn around, open the door, and run back in to attempt the continuous walljump like normal

Because PAL runs at 50hz, meaning each frame lasts slightly longer than a frame on NTSC, you could say this would make the continuous walljump a "1.2 frame trick followed by a 1.2 frame trick" on PAL as opposed to a "1 frame trick followed by a 2 frame trick" on NTSC.



These routes start out with an early Wrecked Ship where the only mission is to kill Phantoon and get out of there and back down towards Kraid. After killing Kraid however there are two options in this route:

Fighting Ridley before Draygon certainly saves time as opposed to Draygon before Ridley; however, players new to this route may opt to fight Draygon before Ridley if Maridia is giving them more trouble, as climbing up the Maridian mountain, Draygon, and escaping Draygon can all be quite difficult for newer players.

If one chooses to fight Draygon before Ridley, it is recommended that Botwoon's Energy Tank be acquired instead of Kraid's Energy Tank. The Terminator and Hi-Jump Boots Energy Tanks should be acquired regardless of which route you take.

If one chooses to fight Ridley before Draygon, the reason for acquiring Kraid's Energy Tank is because you will want as much energy as possible for Lower Norfair, as Lower Norfair with Varia Suit demands as much energy as possible, especially since entering Lower Norfair via lava dive will immediately drain ~160 energy.

It is possible that Ridley's Energy Tank instead of Kraid's Energy Tank would save time with this route, assuming the player could survive the trek to Ridley's farming station being under 150 energy, and survive Ridley with minimal weaponry and a maximum of 299 energy, with Varia Suit.

In the event of severely low health upon entering Lower Norfair, performing a green gate glitch to farm Rippers or to visit the recharge station above Screw Attack can be attempted as a last-ditch effort.


This route skips going to Wrecked Ship early to cut down on backtracking later due to entering Wrecked Ship directly from Maridia and the Forgotten Highway, it is estimated to be very similar in speed as the PKRD route.

This means that the Super Missile available in Wrecked Ship can not be gotten early and instead the Spore Spawn Super Missiles has to be picked up. The Red Tower Power Bombs will still need to be picked up to get access to Lower Norfair.

Other than returning back down Red Tower right away instead of going to Wrecked Ship the route continues the same as the PKRD all the way up until after Draygon is killed. After Draygon is killed, instead of exiting Maridia though the tube, head down through the Aqueduct sand pits and from there enter the "Toilet" from below and from there go through the Forgotten Highway to the Wrecked Ship and kill Phantoon.

After killing Phantoon just head straight to the Golden 4 status and finish the game in Tourian.

Potential improvements to KRDP

An advanced, faster route would consist of moonfalling through the Etecoon room floor (which seems to require 2 frame perfect pose changes to get down there), collecting at least the Super Missile pack and Powerbomb pack there (for 5/15/5 ammunition instead of 10/10/5 in case of taking moat Missiles), and to then do the bosses in KRDP order, coming to Phantoon through Forgotten Highway, and either the Maridian Tube, or through Cacattack Alley which though would at the beginning to the far right require a HIBJ, moat-like double bombjump (unknown), or CIBJ to the left after (preferably) walljumping out of the water with just 1 walljump, using a frozen mocktroid in the previous room as a platform and autospinjumping up.

Here's an example video of entering Cac Alley through the mentioned method:

A run with this optimized route remains to be done.