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Super Metroid Strat Chat, hosted by Kipp and TrueMoss, will (usually) take place every other Thursday at 9 p.m. Eastern on Kipp's channel. Each show will feature a different guest and will involve discussion of different sections of speedrun categories.

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The song used in the intro and outro of each episode is "Time 2" by Ewan Dobson, off of the album Ewan Dobson II.

Episode Title Appearing Date
1 Ship to Brinstar (No Guests) December 7, 2017*
Introduction: Kipp and TrueMoss talk about their background as educators, and outline their Super Metroid experience. They touch about the connection between musicianship and running Super Metroid, and discuss the benefits of the controller layout that they both use.

Minutes 2-7: (Crateria): The importance of the opening section of Crateria. Goes over the downback in Parlor, getting a pitless Pit Room (including talking about downgrabs and gap skips), the importance of backup strats and consistency, Crouch Lock, the different methods for the Climb. The Parlor ascent as an example of how important ledgegrabs are to a run, compared with downplaying the importance of arm pumping for newer runners. One possible setup, and various nuances of the Bomb Torizo fight. Escaping Alcatraz, setting up for Terminator, and descending the Green Pirates Shaft.

Ammo Management (Kraid): Segment skipped due to time constraints.

Q+A Session: Ice Escape, demonstrating using the 14% Ice item set. Plasma Room,

2 Brinstar to Kraid Guest: Zoast December 14, 2017*
3 GT Classic Guest: OverfiendVIP December 31, 2017*
4 Movement Guest: Galamoz January 25, 2018*
Introduction: Galamoz started running Super Metroid with New Route

Guest Interview: Galamoz: Speedrunning Super Metroid rom hacks, winning the Randomizer Tournament, and Galamoz's Movement Tutorial

Strat: Movement: Creating a "glossary" of moves so this episode can be referenced later. Spinjump, Walljump, Mockball, Moonwalk and Moonfall, Damage boosting, Shinespark, Quick charging, Short Charge, Hitbox Manipulation (including ledgegrabs, downgrabs, gap skip, crouch jump, downback, walljump check), Arm Pumping, Stop on a Dime, Quick Drop, Kagoing

Chat Q&A: Segment skipped due to time constraints

5 Ammo Management Guest: Edu207 January 25, 2018
6 Ammo Management Guest: ElminsterRTA March 16, 2018*
7 Phantoon Guest: Sloaters27 March 16, 2018*
8 Botwoon and Draygon Guest: TrueMoss March 16, 2018*
9 Ridley Interview: Kipp May 27, 2018*
10 100% Guests: zmusic and overfiendvip May 27, 2018*
11 Wrecked Ship Guest: Andreww May 27, 2018*
12 100% Maridia Guest: TopsyTurve May 27, 2018*
13 100% Maridia part 2 Guest: Antinomy May 23, 2018
14 100% End Game Guest: StaticNine June 10, 2018
15 New Route Core Rooms Guest: Behemoth87 December 9, 2018

* Indicates that the date is for the highlight, not the original broadcast