14% Chargeless

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14% chargeless
14% chargeless
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On Start Game
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Entering Ship Animation
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Ceres Station
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End of Zebes Escape
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14% Chargeless is one of the in-bounds 14% categories that have a known RTA completion. A total of 14 items are picked up during the entire run and focuses on using the Gravity Suit and Power Bombs for level progression.

This category is possible by exploiting the Crystal Flash technique to generate shinespark suits and underflow ammo, eliminating the need for the Charge Beam or for certain maneuvers such as the Zebetite skip.

The two mandatory Crystal Flashes are exceptionally difficult to pull off, but are basically the only notably difficult exploits of the run compared to the other 14% categories.


To finish this run, you need to know how to:

Collected Items

Morphball.png Bombs.png Varia.png Gravity.png Etank.png Etank.png Etank.png Missiles.png Missiles.png Supermissiles.png Supermissiles.png Powerbomb.png Powerbomb.png Powerbomb.png


The route is basically the same as 14% Ice up to Power Bombs. The only difference up to that point in terms of items is that you do not acquire Charge Beam.

Both Power Bomb packs in the Red Brinstar area are acquired before heading up the elevator. The route then continues the same as 14% Ice until Gravity Suit. Because of the Gunship visit that happens soon after leaving the Wrecked Ship, you can use ammo almost as freely as you want throughout the area - you merely need to have at least one Super Missile and one Power Bomb for the rooms visited soon after leaving the Wrecked Ship. Having a few Missiles will help as well, but they aren't mandatory.

After Gravity Suit, head back to the Landing Site. Open the door behind you with a Super Missile, then scale the cliff next to the Gunship and then bomb jump up to the Crateria Power Bomb Room. The Alcoons can be dispatched with Missiles. Upon collecting the Power Bomb pack, jump off the cliff and refill at the Gunship. You can save if you wish. Use a Power Bomb to clear the debris under the cliff for easier access back to the Crateria Tube.

Once back inside the Crateria Keyhunter Room, lower your energy below 51 by colliding with a Sciser multiple times, then descend into the elevator room and attempt the elevator Crystal Flash. If you are using the background for visual assistance, note that it will change in the event you reenter the room from below.

Upon a successful elevator Crystal Flash, carry the shinespark suit to the pipes before Botwoon, and use it to bust through. During this trek, it is recommended to recover your energy at the recharge station at the bottom of Red Tower. Make sure to hold angle down when performing certain jumps and be careful with how you attempt to grab ledges.

Botwoon can be dispatched in a similar manner to other 14% categories; however, due to the lack of Charge Beam, running out of Missiles and Super Missiles before Botwoon has perished will effectively result in a softlock.

Afterward, collect Botwoon's Energy Tank and recover your ammunition at the respawning Zoa sand pit. You will need at least 12 Power Bombs before entering Draygon's room, and it is recommended that you have more as it will allow you to have more chances at the exploits during the Draygon fight, should you fail in your execution of them at any point. It is also recommended that you recover the Super Missile used to enter Draygon's entry chamber from the nearby Mochtroids before entering Draygon's room, and use Missiles on the Gadora guarding the entrance, as Super Missiles are much more common from Mochtroids compared to Draygon's mucus.

Depending on the ammo you enter Draygon's chamber with, you may not be able to destroy and/or damage all three turrets at the start, and will have to avoid them until you receive more Missiles from Draygon's mucus. After destroying all three turrets, when you have enough ammo to perform Crystal Flash, you will want to apply the permagoo state to Samus and then attempt the underflow. While Draygon has Crystal Flash Samus in her clutches, you will want to press only a few directional pad inputs initially - as Missiles are draining - then spam directional pad inputs once Super Missiles have begun draining. This way, you should have the Crystal Flash begin depleting Super Missiles immediately after Missiles display ||35, as opposed to wasting unnecessary 8-frame intervals depleting more Missiles.

Once you have broken free from Draygon, you can dispatch her solely with your new stockpile of ammunition, or with both ammunition and the shinespark from the shinespark suit provided by the Crystal Flash interruption. Doing so can provide Samus with a blue suit from Draygon, which can then be used for a simpler and swifter escape from Draygon's entry chamber. You will want to access the save station above Draygon to save and reload the game to remove the permagoo state.

After reloading the file... congratulations! The rest of the run should be fairly straightforward, with Kraid's Lair being taken care of after Maridia, followed by Lower Norfair where Ridley's Energy Tank will be collected after his defeat, and finally, Tourian, with Metroids dispatched in a manner similar to 14% Speed, and Zebetites busted open with Super Missiles. The majority of the route should basically be just like 14% Ice except with Missiles and/or Super Missiles applicable everywhere that they can help.

The Tough Stuff

The two most difficult, and potentially time-consuming, parts of the run are the mandatory Crystal Flashes, as they require perfection both in their placement and in their activation relative to their placement.

The elevator Crystal Flash requires both pixel-perfect placement of the Power Bomb and a frame-perfect down input to activate it and the elevator on the same frame. It's not necessarily complicated - plant the Power Bomb in the right spot, then press down (while holding the other Crystal Flash inputs) on the right frame afterward - just quite precise.

The Crystal Flash required for underflowing ammunition at Draygon does not necessarily require frame-perfect Crystal Flash inputs, but requires Draygon to grab onto Samus on the frame that it activates, so it essentially requires the Power Bomb to be placed frame-perfectly relative to Draygon's distance to Samus. Before this can happen, however, Samus must become afflicted by permagoo, which will cause Draygon to aggro directly onto Samus every time she finishes a swooping session. The easiest way to acquire the permagoo state is to plant a Power Bomb during the beginning of one of Draygon's mucus cycles, and then position Samus around Draygon's mouth while the explosion is active.

Upon a successful underflow and Draygon fight, the permagoo state should be removed by saving and reloading at the station above Draygon, as there is no other way to remove the state without dying.

14% Chargless Visual Cues.png

The left side of the image shows the correct placement of the Power Bomb for the elevator Crystal Flash. The right side of the image shows the frame in which Samus should plant the Power Bomb (relative to that specific location and assuming Samus is afflicted by permagoo) for the purpose of performing underflow. Overfiendvip positions Samus a few pixels further right and then plants the Power Bomb the moment he sees Draygon, turning it into a reaction-timing-based setup instead.