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Start Timer:
On Start Game
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Entering Ship Animation
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Ceres Station
End At:
End of Zebes Escape
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Reversed Boss Miniboss Order aka. RBMBO aka. Rambo is a heavily glitched category with the purpose of defeating all Bosses with the exception of Bomb Torizo in the reversed intended order. It is mostly considered a challenge category and currently only confirmed completed by very few runners with the ruleset below.


Generally speaking everything is allowed in this category. However there are three things that are banned:

The point of all those things being not allowed in this category is to not make the category too ordinary or easy. The ruleset is historically based on Foosda who developed the category and was the first one to run it. The philosophy the ruleset was designed by, was that if a trick would make the category boring it wouldn't be allowed. Since that has proven to make for an interesting concept to run the few runners who would complete runs after him simply accepted these rules.


To finish this run, you need to know how to:

  • Mockball
  • Infinite bomb jump
  • Traverse all of Norfair without any Suits.
  • Move out of Bounds.
  • X-Ray-climb into Tourian.
  • "Escape" the Zebes escape sequence and stop the escape timer.
  • Getting past Botwoon without killing him.
  • Traversing all of Maridia without Gravity Suit (and Grapple Beam)


Similar to RBO there are a lot of options to route this category. Most of the route divergence will come from getting extra safety items and getting them at an earlier point in the run. Most notable safetys are an early detour to Maridia or a detour to obtain Grapple Beam. Both these options make the run a lot easier but also make the run significantly longer (not in relation to the total length of the run but enough that a run with high movement optimization and both extra safeties would still be slower than a less optimized run with none of the safeties).

The route described below is a route that takes none of the safeties and opts to get to start the Bossrush as quickly as possible with almost no item collection after Mother Brain has been defeated.

  • Standard route up till Green Brinstar. Note that one should use missiles to kill the pirates post Terminator Room rather than damaging through to maintain health.
  • Get Early Supers as well as the Brinstar Reservetank, continue to Charge Beam.
  • Exit Green Brinstar into Red Tower and go up. Farm health in Hellway till your reserve tank is filled up completely.
  • Obtain Alpha- and Beta-Powerbombs go up the Elevator, open the yellow doorshells connecting the Elevator room to the Crateria Keyhunter Room from both sides and go down the elevator again. This might seem random and unimportant but note that this door will have to be traversed during the Escape escape (where you wont have any ammo), so you will have to rely on the crab drop rng and also waste additional time laying the powerbomb in an already tight sequence.
  • Get Spazer, the E-Tank at Hi-Jump Boots and Hi-Jump Boots themselves.
  • Perform a hellrun to Bubble Mountain and consecutive Hellruns to Speed Booster and Wave Beam with farming at Bat Cave
  • Exit Bubble Mountain farm up your life at the Upper Norfair Farming Room and do a last hellrun to Ice Beam
  • Leave Norfair, if needed refill your health at the bottom of Red Tower and obtain the X-Ray Scope by damage-boosting across the spikes of the Pre X-Ray Room
  • Get Retro Brinstar Powerbombs and the Retro Brinstar Etank.
  • Go up the elevator to Crateria, collect Crateria Super Missiles, Crateria Powerbombs and the Gauntlet E-Tank.
  • Exit Crateria to Brinstar and get all remaining Brinstar E-Tanks aswell as Spore Spawn Super Missiles and Pink Brinstar Powerbombs.
  • Now after having visited Big Pink go to the G4 Statue and perform and perform an OoB setup to get into Tourian.
  • Beat Tourian and Mother Brain and Escape the Escape sequence with an OoB warp to Crateria Tube and then save and reset at the Red Brinstar Savestation.
  • Perform a lavadive to get into Lower Norfair and get Screw Attack continue on like in Normal RBO up till the Lower Norfair Farming Room unless you got Grapple Beam you want to Crystal Flash right before the Ridley fight and kill Ridley with your charge shots.
  • Escape Lower Norfair, farm up for 2 more Crystal Flashes and reenter Lower Norfair to kill Golden Torizo.
  • Enter Maridia and Wrongwarp past Botwoon.
  • Get past Colosseum with Damage Boosts across the spikes and freezing Mocktroids as platforms.
  • Kill Draygon and escape The Precious Room with Xray climbing.
  • Kill Phantoon, Crocomire, Kraid and Sporespawn (This part is pretty self explanatory. Just take the fastest path and just never visit the Zebes escape area.)
  • Go to Landing Site since the event flag for the escape was never unset you can just end the game by entering your ship.

Route variations

Early Maridia

An option to make the Tourian and Lower Norfair section a lot easier is to do an early Maridia visit before going to Tourian (it can also be done after Tourian but the benefit would be far less). Here one would acquire Crab Supers, Beach Supers and Mama Turtle E-Tank. Note that this can be done completely inbounds however since Wrongwarps are allowed and Grapple may not be acquired it is easier and faster to wrongwarp to Maridia Beach rather than getting there inbounds.

Grapple Beam Acquisition

The player has the option to obtain Grapple Beam without killing Crocomire and thus giving the player the option to have Grapple Beam for both suitless Lower Norfair and suitless Maridia. Making those sections considerably more easy and way less punishing. One of the biggest benefits is arguably the fact that one cannot softlock in Colosseum if Grapple Beam is obtained. However skipping Crocomire and getting back out can be difficult but with a good setup it can be done consistently.

Crocomire Skip tutorial by Ponk