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0:50 IGT
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Start Timer:
On Start Game
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Entering Ship Animation
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Ceres Station
End At:
End of Zebes Escape
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0%, also known as Low% Glitched, is the lowest percentage required to beat the game by any means necessary. The history of Low% Glitched can be seen on the Record Progression page, including the previous percentages that were thought to be the lowest possible such as 3% and 2%. This category relies on the item percentage shown at the end of the credits; the single-file method for 3% collects 4 items, making that the lowest number of items collected in a run.


In order to achieve the goal of 0%, Samus must utilize block 0F(44) (also known as god block), which is probably the most powerful block in the entire game. This block does a different thing depending on Samus's X position, making it very difficult to get it to do what you want. A few of the more important things that it can do are: giving Samus ammo i.e. missiles, supers, power bombs without actually increasing her max amount (causing it to not count towards item %), removing all major items except beams and reserves from Samus's "have" list meaning that they don't count towards item %, setting Samus's max for ammo to 0, as well as crash the game a few different ways. It is pretty clear to see that it allows some extraordinary item % manipulation. For 0%, this block is created in a GT code savefile then touched in the real savefile, giving samus 127 powerbombs without increasing her item %. [...]

Collected Items

The items that make up 0% are the following:

Morphball.png Missiles.png Bombs.png Powerbomb.png Varia.png Xray.png

Morphing Ball is required to 'awaken' the planet and utilize Power Bombs.

Similarly to above, one Missile expansion is also required to awaken the planet. Because all missiles are deleted in the end, there is no limit to the number that are allowed to be collected if one so desires.

Bombs are required to do a lot of the out of bounds necessary to make 0% possible.

Powerbombs are required to open orange doors and destroy other destructible surfaces that block the way. They are also required to collect x-ray.

Varia Suit is required in order to resist heat damage during the key out of bounds navigation. It is worth noting that Varia is not collected in the traditional way, but is rather created in the out of bounds area of landing site and collected that way.

X-Ray Scope is required as it is an integral part of most of the out of bounds navigation, allowing Samus to x-climb into the out of bounds areas of certain rooms but also to modify the BTS of blocks and create whatever blocks are necessary.


Matrick created a LOTAD (Low Optimization Tool Assisted Demonstration) with commentary, that you can find here.

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