Arcade Room Bonuses

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The list of rooms, with annotations for the bonus points available when playing Super Metroid Arcade.



  • No Damage -- Possible in all boss rooms and Tourian Escape Room 4
  • YOLO! -- Gained by shinesparking through any horizontal door horizontally
  • Penalty -- Gained by entering Tourian First Room with insufficient ammo to kill MB1, this achievement will convert energy tanks to missiles until you have enough to kill MB1
  • Continuous Wall Jump (CWJ) -- Gained by performing a CWJ anywhere in the game with sufficient speed, can only be done once per seed
  • Hyper! -- Gained by having all four timed items (Gravity, plasma, space jump, & screw attack) at the same time, will also grant you hyper beam (Needs confirmation on amount of time hyper beam is active). Probably only possible once per seed(?)
  • Spike Spark -- Gained by obtaining a flash suit, only possible once per seed
  • On A Quest -- Gained by having all four reserve tanks at the same time, only possible once per seed, reserve tanks do not respawn
  • Collector -- Gained by having 100 missiles total at the same time (Only possible once per seed?)
  • Survivor -- Gained by traversing 100 rooms in a seed, only obtainable on arcade difficulty (Only possible once per seed?)
  • Millionaire! -- Gained by reaching 1,000,000 points total (Only possible once per seed?)


  • All refill rooms with only one refill machine have secrets on the farthest side from the door
  • All chozo statues have secrets on their heads
  • Some rooms have multiple secrets, only one may be collected every time that room is visited


West of the Lake


East of the Lake

  • West Ocean -- Secret in the crumble block shaft running from the upper section to the lower section, Sky Rider achievement for riding the moving platforms to the top, Dedicated achievement for bomb jumping to the top left missiles without other means to reach them. These achievements are mutually exclusive.
  • Bowling Alley Path -- Secret in the middle pit where the Choot is

Forgotten Highway

  • East Ocean -- "Cleanser" achievement for killing all of the enemies
  • Forgotten Highway Kago Room -- Secret to the right of the upper Kago
  • Crab Maze - Multiple secrets scattered throughout different morph holes, these are mutually exclusive, largest points come from the far left side in the tunnel shaped like a backwards L, "Cleanser" achievement for killing all of the crabs
  • Forgotten Highway Elevator









Also known as Kraid's Lair.



Green Bubbles

Wave Beam Section

Ice Beam Section

Lower Entrance

Crocomire Section


Also known as Ridley's Lair.

  • Main Hall
  • Fast Pillars Setup Room -- Secret in one of the pits that appears after using a power bomb, "Daring" achievement for exiting through the top right door from any door that isn't itself.
  • Pillar Room -- "Fast Pillars" achievement for shinesparking from one side to the other, "Flappy Pillars" achievement for space jumping with blue suit/speed echoes from one side to the other. (These may be mutually exclusive, needs confirmation)
  • The Worst Room In The Game -- Secret at the very top right platform, past the shot blocks, "Unfazed" achievement for reaching the bottom left door from any other door without being damaged
  • Amphitheatre -- Secret in the top right corner under the ledge
  • Red Kihunter Shaft -- Secret on the path down, just before you reach the save room door
  • Wasteland -- Secret in the right side crevice symmetrically from the progressing morph tunnel, "Skilled" achievement for performing a speedkeep machball through the morph tunnel
  • Metal Pirates Room
  • Plowerhouse Room
  • Lower Norfair Farming Room
  • Ridley's Room -- "No Damage" achievement
  • Ridley Tank Room
  • Mickey Mouse Room -- Secret on the right in the middle of the double layered shot blocks connected to the missile spot


Golden Torizo Section

Wrecked Ship



Also known as Lower Maridia.


Also known as Upper Maridia.

Plasma Section

Spring Ball Section




  • You start every seed with 50 points
  • CWJ is the only way points are obtainable in landing site
  • Plasma Spark's achievement was replaced with CWJ after being deemed too difficult in later versions of arcade
  • The achievement "Impressive" has never been publicly found
  • Rooms with only a major item, that isn't timed, will only appear once
  • In Elevator rooms, enemies do not award points to prevent infinite point gathering. With the exception of the bug stated below, and Morph Ball Room, there are no achievements in elevator rooms either for the same reason

Currently Known Bugs

  • "CWJ" is slightly bugged and will grant you the achievement with a well timed wall jump with a lot of speed
  • Entering through the top right door of Fast Pillars Setup Room will not spawn a grey door behind you, instead the grey door will lock the bottom right door for unknown reasons.